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Have you ever tried Laurie's Happy Apples?  If you haven't you must come and try our apples dipped in carmel and chocolate!  They are a great holiday gift, decoration, table setting or even just snack!  Our Happy Apples come in just about every season; Halloween, Valentines, Christmas, Thanksgiving & Easter.  You can check some of these varieties out on the left side of the screen.  We've also created pages for our other  varieties of chocolates for occasions such as; weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, religious occasions and many many more. 

This is Clowney, he is one of our many Happy Apples available year round at Laurie's Candies.  Not only is he made of carmel and chocolate but he's got marshmallows, a cone hat and candy nose!

Heres a whole troop of Happy Apples from Lauries, they're sure to please at any event.  Also check our other seasonal pages to check our other candies and holiday treats.